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Drawing With Light

Photographing: It means drawing or writing with light.
Capture that moment to make it eternal, act carefully on time, stop it. Sharing, observing even the smallest details that do not necessarily coincide with the main subject being portrayed.
All thanks to the eye that, through the framing, allows you to witness the reality and gives access to your instants to all those who were not present in the very moment. Photography allows you to show and hide images at the same time; a portrait, in fact, is never a single image, but the mask of so many hidden images.
In photography mathematical and emotional rules coexist, you lose control of the real, thanks to the framing that marks the so thin limit between the imaginary and the real. This leads to the metaphysics of the photograph, the light painting, this fine line that acts between the aesthetic and the social definition of photography. Not to mention the technological development, from analog to digital, from waiting for the magic to happen, for the image to appear on the paper, to the immediacy of today, in which the photograph is consumed and gone.
For photographers there is only a single constant in this art: the Light, which is our universal language.

Gabriele Renzi